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The purpose of this site is to assist saints in the Lord’s recovery who have the burden to emigrate to Europe as a student or to work for the Lord’s move.

In The World Situation and the Direction of the Lord’s Move, Brother Lee recommended that

“Some can emigrate [to Europe] to take a job or do a business and serve the Lord…Some can emigrate there to study in a school and serve the Lord. I would recommend that some go there to be ‘professional students’…I believe that some students who go to Europe can bear new fruit monthly like the tree of life in the New Jerusalem” (p. 47).

This site will be updated to give detailed information about specific cities and universities that the saints are burdened for, including the current situation in the church life.  This site will also provide information about language and degree programs, as well as visas such as student visas, entrepreneur and exceptional talent visas, and include testimonies of saints who have already emigrated to Europe as students or working ones.