Ministry Excerpts


I am sorrowful to see the situation today of mixture, compromise, and toleration. However, the Lord will never change; rather, He will leave the old generation and have a fresh start with a group of young people, just as He did in Galilee. The Lord was not able to use the Pharisees, Sadducees, or even good ones like Nicodemus. The Lord left them in Jerusalem and spent three and a half years to train some young fishermen. Today the Lord will train a group of young people and send them out. The most crucial areas of the earth today are Europe and the United States. I believe that the United States is today’s Galilee, and Europe is today’s Jerusalem. The Lord will use the United States to train a group of young people and then send them to Europe, especially to the college campuses. The Lord will gain the United States and Europe by capturing and training a group of young people.

We must say no to mixture, compromise, and toleration. The United States and Europe are full of superstition, tradition, and organized religion. We need to see that the Lord has no way with today’s religion, just as He had no way with Judaism, the old religion. The Lord dropped Judaism, and He will also drop today’s religion.

I hope that many saints from the United States will migrate to Europe and Israel. Those who stay in the United States need to carry out three main functions: gain students on the college campuses, pray for those who migrate, and supply the sent ones materially. Those who migrate may go as students, enrolling in a master’s program to study the language of the country they are in. If some young ones have a burden for Europe, they may study French or German as an undergraduate in the United States and then enroll in a master’s program in France or Germany. While they are studying, they can contact their fellow students. They should not care for gaining a large number. In the years that it takes to earn a master’s degree, they may gain several of their classmates. That group will become a nucleus for the Lord to raise up a church in that place. In this way the Lord can raise up churches in every country in Europe.


Today the young people need to prepare themselves in three ways to go either to Europe or to a college campus in the United States. First, they need to learn languages. I encourage all the young people to learn foreign languages. At the present time European languages are the most useful. The young ones need to learn the languages thoroughly, learning the grammar, pronunciation, and composition until they are able to speak fluently, translate, and compose. When they migrate to a country, they should already be able to express themselves clearly. The young people also need to learn human history in order to understand the national disposition and character of the people whom they contact. I encourage the young people to go to Europe, not to work but to enroll in school to master the language. While studying, they can contact local young people. After three years, they will have mastered the language and gained a number of young companions to form a nucleus of believers to gain the country.

Second, the young people need to gain the experiences in the church life to learn how to care for others. In this way they will be prepared to take the lead and be responsible ones in the churches that are raised up where they go.

Third, the young people need to learn all the truths—the truths concerning such matters as the gospel, the church, the kingdom, life, and grace. They need to read and study all the books that we publish in order to be fully instructed. Then, when they go out, they can teach the truth to others. The young people need to be prepared in these three ways—learning languages, gaining the church life experience, and learning the truth.

In this way the Lord will be able to prepare His bride. Soon every European country and every major campus in the United States will have a nucleus as a small army fighting the battle and raising up new churches. We all need to pray and stand with those who go out. Otherwise, it will be difficult to overcome the religious mixture. We must have a new start. The Lord needs a new current to flow Himself out. We must give the Lord a way to have this new current.

(The Recovery of Christ in the Present Evil Age, Chapter 2, Section 3)