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1. Grants and Scholarships


  • Most educational institutions in Norway are state-run and tuition fee, even for international students regardless of your country of origin.  However, there may be fees for certain professional education programs and special program and for private universities.  These fees, though tend to be quite low in comparison to the cost of education in other developed coutnries. It seems that in some cases you must undergo one year of Norwegian language course and proficiency in order to receive no tuition fee.
  • There are a number of national programs offering scholarships to international students who meet certain restrictions and prerequisities.  There are also various privately-sponsored stipends:

1. Semester grants: These are intended to fund fieldwork at Norwegian universities.  They have a duration of 1-3 months and are given to students who are studying a Norwegian topic for their Bachelor, master or Phd.  The grant covers accommodation, board, transport, and pocket money. Application deadlines: 15 March/ 15 October
2. Erasmus
3. Erasmus Mundus
4. Nordplus Higher Education
5. Yggdrasil
6. Quota Scheme
7. Norad’s Programme for Master Studies (NOMA)
8. High North Fellowship Program:  Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this program offers scholarships to American, Canadian, or Russian students who wish to attend an institution of Northern Norway.   The fellowship included a travel grant of NOK 10,00 (1700 USD) and a monthly living stipend of NOK 8750 (1500 USD).
9. The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

2. Helpful websites for studying or working


3. General Application Deadlines


  • In order to obtain the necessary application forms and information about the application deadlines you will have to contact each university or university college. In general the application deadline for foreign students is December 1 to March 15 for courses starting the following autumn (August). Please note that some institutions have separate “pre-qualification” deadlines that are earlier than this


4. Student Visa Process and Deadlines


  • You need to apply for a visa as soon as you have accepted your placement offer.

The website you will have to go through:


  • Very helpful information:

If coming from the US:

If coming from Canada:

If coming from China:


  • In order to study you must apply for a residence permit after arriving in Norway:


Family immigration with a foreign student in Norway

  • Close family members (spouse/partner, children under 18) may apply for a family immigration permit.. Usually, family immigration permits are granted to the family of graduate students have at least one year remaining of their education.


  • You may apply for the family immigration permit at the same time as you apply for the student residence permit. However, processing of the permit will only occur after the student residence permit has been granted.

Financial maintenance and shared accommodation

  • Those applying for a family immigration permit must share accommodation with the studend: the student is responsible for their financial support while in Norway.


Opportunity to work full-time

  • Once granted a family immigration permit, you are allowed to work full-time in Norway, although the student can only work part-time.  There are separate laws form minors under the age of 18. The work permit is granted at the same time as the residence permit and does not need to be applied for separately.