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Most institutes of higher learning in Slovakia are state-run; however, a number of church-owned or private schools have been established in the last few years.

Courses in Slovakia are graded according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Therefore, it is quite easy to transfer your grades and/or degrees to and from Slovakia.  The academic year runs from September to Juen and is divided into two semesters.  There are many programs both at the undergraduate and graduate elvel that are taught in English.

1. Grants and scholarships


  • The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic provides scholarships for foreign students, Ph.D students, university teachers and researchers who wish to study or work at Slovak universities or research organizations.



2. Helpful websites for working or studying





3. General Application Deadlines


Deadlines are generally program specific, so you will need to refer to the university website to find out the specific application deadlines for international students.  However, if you need to apply for a visa or funding, you will want to apply as soon as possible.  Research funding deadlines are usually at least six months prior to the start date of the program.


4. Student Visa Process and Deadlines


Slovakia is part of the Schengen Area of 23 nations which have agreed to the abolition of border           controls between them and on common visa regulations. A Slovak visa is a Schengen visa and           allows the holder to travel freely inside the Schengen area with no restrictions.  You must apply       for the Schengen visa at the Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your home country or country of   residency.  You may submit your application no more than 3 months before your intended       travel to Slovakia.  By law, the consulate must grant your visa within 30 days of the submission          of your application