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The United Kingdom

United Kingdom

1. Grants and scholarships

There are a large variety of scholarships and grants available, with over £250 million available annually.  There are also a number of online search engines that can help you find scholarships or grants for which you are eligible.  Even if there is not funding available for your specific university or program, you may find more general scholarships and funding by broadening your search.

Please go to following web sites for more information:


2. Helpful websites for studying or working




3. General application deadlines


There is no general deadline for applications for taught or research programs: however some programs may have their own application deadlines. You should apply as early as possible if you need to secure a UK visa or if you are applying for funding or sponsorship. Deadlines for research funding are usually at least six months in advance of the start date. For specific programs please go to their university website to find out the application deadlines as international students.


4. Student visa process and deadlines


  • Non-visa Nationals: Citizens of certain countries do not need a visa to enter the UK.  You simply need to bring all the necessary documentation with you, and you will be issued a visa when you arrive.  You will need:


  • Your acceptance letter or other proof showing that you have been accepted into a full-time course at a UK school, college, or university (a full-time course is defined as 15 or more hours per week)
  • Proof from you school, college, or university that you have paid your deposit and tuition feed.  This must be on official headed paper.Proof of sufficient funds to cover all your expenses while residing in the UK.  Adequate forms of proof include a travellers’ check of sufficient quanitity, a bank draft drawn on a UK bank, letter or bank documents from your sponsors, or some combination of these things.
  • Your spouse and children are allowed to come with to the UK.  However, they will also need a visa (student dependent) which must be obtained in your current country of residence BEFORE you arrive in the UK.  You will have to prove that you have adequate funds to support your spouse and children for the entire duration of your studies in the UK. Please be aware that most universities only have limited family housing and that private housing options that are adequate for families can be expensive..
  • Another possible option is to enter the UK as a tourist and then apply to have your status changed to a student visa as an in-country applicant.  However, this is not advisable as the Home Office tends to be quite suspicious of people who change the purpose of their stay while in the UK.  You can expect to get grilled at your visa interview and may end up being deported if they think that you have attempted to deliberately deceive the Home Office.  It is better to apply for a prospective student visa in your home country, which allows you to stay in the UK for a maximum of six month.


For more information on obtaining a visa please go to